ESC in the UK Chart

A quick pop-picking look at how the UK entries and contest winners have fared in the British pop charts. Where shaded, the UK and the winner were the same! NB. We are now using the top 100 as the cut-off point (even when only the top 75 was published at the time).

Recent changes to how we consume music are reflected in the latest years.   The download era saw many more Eurovision entries make the chart in the week after the contest.  Conversely the addition of streaming into calculating the chart has been very detrimental.


1956Lys AssiaXNo Entryn/a
1957Corry BrokkenXPatricia BredinX
1958Andre ClaveauXNo Entryn/a
1959Teddy ScholtenXCarr & Johnson12
1960Jacqueline Boyer33Bryan Johnson20
1961Jean-Claude PascalXAllisons2
1962Isabelle AubretXRonnie Carroll46
1963Grethe & Jorgen IngmannXRonnie Carroll6
1964Gigliola Cinquetti17Matt Monro X
1965France Gall XKathy Kirby36
1966Udo JurgensXKenneth McKellar30
1967Sandie Shaw1Sandie Shaw1
1968Massiel35Cliff Richard1
1969Lulu/Salome/F.Boccara/L.Kuhr 2Lulu2
1970Dana1Mary Hopkin2
1971Severine9Clodagh Rodgers4
1972Vicky Leandros 2New Seekers2
1973Anne-Marie David 13Cliff Richard 4
1974Abba1Olivia Newton-John11
1976Brotherhood Of Man1Brotherhood Of Man1
1977Marie Myriam 42De Paul & Moran19
1978Izhar Cohen & A-Beta20Coco13
1979Milk And Honey5Black Lace42
1980Johnny Logan1Prima Donna48
1981Bucks Fizz1Bucks Fizz 1
1983Corinne Hermes89Sweet Dreams21
1984Herreys46Belle & Devotions 11
1986Sandra KimXRyder98
1987Johnny Logan2Rikki96
1988Celine DionXScott Fitzgerald52
1989RivaXLive Report73
1990Toto CotugnoXEmma33
1991CarolaXSamantha Janus30
1992Linda Martin59Michael Ball 20
1993Niamh Kavanagh24Sonia15
1994Harrington & McGettiganXFrances Ruffelle25
1995Secret Garden90Love City Groove7
1996Eimarr Quinn40Gina G1
1997Katrina & The Waves3Katrina & The Waves3
1998Dana International11Imaani15
1999Charlotte Nilsson23Precious6
2000Olsen BrothersXNicki French34
2001Padar & BentonXLindsay Dracass33
2002Marie NXJessica Garlick13
2003Sertab Erener72Jemini15
2004Ruslana47James Fox13
2005Elena PaparizouXJavine18
2006Lordi25Daz Sampson8
2007Marija Serifovic XScooch5
2008Dima BilanXAndy Abraham67
2009Alexander Rybak 10Jade Ewen27
2010Lena30Josh DubovieX
2011Ell & Nikki61Blue16
2012Loreen3Englebert Humperdinck60
2013Emmelie de Forest15Bonnie Tyler93
2014Conchita Wurst17Molly23
2015Mans Zelmerlow11Electro VelvetX
2016JamalaXJoe & Jake81
2017Salvador Sobral97Lucie Jones73
2019Duncan Laurence29Michael RiceX
2020n/aXJames Newmann/a
2021Maneskin17James Newman47
2022Kalush Orchestra38Sam Ryder2
2023Loreen2Mae Muller9
2024Nemo18Olly Alexander42


In 1958 the third placed song “Volare” by Domenico Modugno (Italy) made #10 in the UK chart, cover versions by Dean Martin, Marino Marini, Charlie Drake (!) and Bobby Rydell also charted.

In 1959 the sixth placed song “Ciao Ciao Bambina” by Modugno made #29 in the UK chart, a cover version by Marino Marini (once more!) also charted.

In 1960 the eighth placed song “Romantica” by Renato Rascel (you guessed, Italy) was covered by Jane Morgan and made #39.

In 1961 the fifth placed song “Al Di La” by Betty Curtis (yup, Italy) was covered by countryman Emilio Pericoli and made #30.

In 1964 the sixth placed song “Warum Nur Warum” by Udo Jurgens (Austria) was covered by that years UK entrant Matt Monro in an English version called “Walk Away”. While Matt’s own entry failed to chart, “Walk Away” made #4 in the UK.

In 1966 the winning song “Merci Cherie” was covered in English by Vince Hill and made #36.

In 1967 the fourth placed song “L’Amour Est Bleu” by Vicky Leandros (Luxembourg) went on to be covered by many artists over the next year. The Paul Mauriat Orchestra made #12 and Jeff Beck made #23 with instrumental versions, both in early 1968, and the Dells combined it in a medley with “I Can Sing A Rainbow” making #15 in 1969.

In 1968 the tenth placed song “Marianne” by Sergio Endrigo (Italy) was translated into English and covered by UK entrant Cliff Richard, and made #22 in late 1968.

In 1969 the three winning songs other than Lulu’s failed to crack the UK chart.

In 1974 the songs placed second and third both made #8 in the UK chart. They were “Go” by Gigliola Cinquetti (Italy) and “I See A Star” by Mouth & MacNeal (Netherlands).

In 2000 the winning song “Fly On The Wings Of Love” by the Olsen Brothers (Denmark) failed to chart but a cover by XTM & DJ Chucky Pts Annia made #8 three years later.

In 2007 the second placed song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by Verka Serduchka (Ukraine) made #28 and the third placed song “Song 1” by Serebro (Russia) made #99.

In 2008 the third placed song “Secret Combination” by Kalomira (Greece) made #71.

In 2009 the second placed song “Is It You” by Yohanna (Iceland) made #49, the twentieth placed song “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” by Alex Sings Oscar Swings (Germany) made #85 and the twenty-fifth and last placed song “Lose Control” by Waldo’s People (Finland) made #100.

In 2010 the twelfth placed song  “Allez Ola Olé” by Jessy Matador (France) made #81 and the sixth placed song “Me And My Guitar” by Tom Dice (Belgium) made #85.

In 2011 the eighth placed song “Lipstick” by Jedward (Ireland) made #40, the third placed song “Popular” by Eric Saade (Sweden) made #76 and the fifth placed song “New Tomorrow” by A Friend In London (Denmark) made #78.

In 2012 the sixteenth placed song “La La Love” by Ivi Adamou (Cyprus) made #77.

In 2013 the eighth placed song “Tomorrow” by Gianluca (Malta) made #66, the fourteenth placed song “You” by Robin Stjernberg (Sweden) made #72 and  the fourth placed song “I Feed You My Love” by Margaret Berger (Norway) made #80 .

In 2014 the runner-up song “Calm After The Storm” by The Common Linnets (Netherlands) made #9, the third placed song “Undo” by Sanna Nielsen (Sweden) made #40, the ninth placed song “Cliche Love Song” by Basim (Denmark) made #46, the fifteenth placed song “No Prejudice” by Pollaponk (Iceland) made #70, the twenty-third placed song “Coming Home” by Firelight (Malta) made #82, the thirteenth placed song “Hunter Of Stars” by Sebalter made #85, the fourth-placed song “Not Alone” by Aram MP3 (Armenia) made #88,  the twenty-sixth and last song “Moustache” by TWIN TWIN (France) made #89,  the eleventh placed song “Something Better” by Softengine (Finland) made #93 and the eighth placed song “Silent Storm” by Carl Espen (Norway) made #97.

in 2015 the fourth placed song “Rhythm Inside” by Loic Nottet (Belgium) made #69 and the runner-up song “A Million Voices” by Polina Gagarina (Russia) made #97.

In 2016 the fifth placed song “If I Were Sorry” by Frans (Sweden) made #61.

In 2018 the runner-up song “Fuego” by Eleni Foureira (Cyprus) made #64

In 2019 the sixth placed song “Spirit In The Sky” by KEiiNO (Norway) made #61 and the runner-up song “Soldi” by Mahmood (Italy) made #73.

In 2020 when the contest did not take place due to the Coronavirus pandemic the Icelandic entry “Think About Things” by Dadi Freyr made #34.

In 2021 the fourth placed song “10 Years” by Dadi Freyr (Iceland) made #43, the fifth placed song “Shum” by Go_A (Ukraine) made #59,  the runner-up “Voila” by Barbara Pravi (France) made #62, the sixth placed song “Dark Side” by Blind Channel (Finland) made #66, the sixteenth placed song “El Diablo” by Elena Tsagrinou (Cyprus) made #86 and the third placed song “Tout l’Univers” by Gjons Tears (Switzerland) made #93.

In 2022 the twentieth placed song “Snap” by Rosa Linn (Armenia) made #21,  the tenth placed song “Give That Wolf A Banana” by Subwoolfer (Norway) made #47, the third placed song “SloMo” by Chanel (Spain) made #56 and  the fourth placed song “Hold Me Closer” by Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden) made #59.

In 2023 the runner-up, “Cha Cha Cha” by Kaarija (Finland) made #6,  the fifth placed song “Queen Of KIngs” by Alessandra (Norway) made #10,  the third placed song “Unicorn” by Noa Kirel (Israel) made #45, the fifteenth placed song “Who The Hell Is Edgar” by Teya & Salena (Austria) made #48, the nineteenth placed song “Solo” by Blanka (Poland) made #56, the seventh placed song “Because Of You” by Gustaph (Belgium) made #63, the ninth placed song “Promise” by Voyager (Australia) made #79, the twelfth placed song “Break A Broken Heart” by Andrew Lambrou (Cyprus) made #92, the sixteenth placed song “Evidemment” by La Zarra (France) made #94 and the sixth placed song “Heart Of Steel” by Tvorchi (Ukraine) made #95.

In 2024 the runner-up “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” by Baby Lasagna (Croatia) made #36, disqualified-from-final “Europapa” by Joost (Netherlands) made #37, the sixth placed song “Doomsday Blue” by Bambie Thug (Ireland) made #67 and the third placed song “Teresa And Maria” by Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil (Ukraine) made #100.


In 1961 “Dream Girl” by Mark Wynter, fourth in the UK final, went on to make #27.

In 1962, “Never Goodbye” by Karl Denver, fourth also, went on to peak at #9.

In 1971, “Another Time, Another Place”. fourth (do you sense a pattern here?) in Clodagh Rodgers Song For Europe, was taken to #13 by none other than Englebert Humperdinck!.

In 1973 “Help It Along/Tomorrow Rising”, which were respectively placed third and fourth in the UK selection, scored a double A-side #29 hit for Cliff Richard.

In 1974 “Ring Ring” by Abba, which was runner-up in the previous years Swedish final, made #32.

In 1975 “Don’t Throw It All Away”, which placed fourth in the UK selection, made #20 for its composer Gary Benson.

In 1980 “Here We’ll Stay” placed 11th in the UK selection but three years later made #100 for Frida (of Abba).

In 1981 “Have You Ever Been In Love” finished fourth in the UK selection but a year later made #10 for Leo Sayer. Also “Don’t Panic” by Liquid Gold achieved #42.

In 1982 “Fantasy Island” failed in the Dutch final but a cover went on to very soon achieve #5 in the UK chart for Tight Fit.

In 1995, several songs from the UK pre-selection charted after a very high profile selection show. Just look at this: *I Need You” by Deuce #10, “Go For The Heart” by Sox #47, Londonbeat “I’m Just Your Puppet On A (String!) #55, “One Gift Of Love” by Dear Jon #68.

In 1996, “I Gave You Everything” by Code Red,  runner-up in the UK final, attained #50 and semi-finalist “I Just Wanna Make Love 2 u” by Lois made #90.

In 1997 “You Stayed Away Too Long” by Joanne May, third in the UK final made #76.

In 1998 “When We’re Alone (We Dream)” by Collective,  fourth in the UK final made #93.

In 2000, “Only The Women Know” by Six Chix, runner-up in the UK final, attained #72.

In 2001, “To Die For” by Luke Galliana, which made the last eight of the UK selection but not the televised final, made #42.

In 2008, “Lay Your Love On Me” by BWO, which was third in the Swedish preselection, made #69.