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Welcome to Nul Points the Eurovision tribute site!.  I hope you’ll find something of interest.


The Nul Pointers

A fond look at each act and song to score Nul Points, comprising a brief pen portrait and the best Youtube clip available. From Fud Leclerc in 1962 to James Newman 2021, our hall of infamy is here.

The UK at Eurovision

A dedicated section on the United Kingdom at the contest, including a profile of each and every artist brave and/or foolish enough to represent Le Royaume-Uni  and how they were selected, Eurovision in the UK chart, and our “25 Years Of Hurt” blog are all here.

History By Country

Our best bits section from each country from Albania to ex-Yugoslavia via Morocco and San Marino is here.

History By Year

Our slimmed down look at the evolution of the contest by year is here from Lugano in 1956 to Turin in 2022.


Our Features section is here, including a gallery of all presenters from 1956 to 2022,  our Fifty Facts On Eurovision,  a look at the songs that were selected in their home country yet never made it to the big night,  a tribute to the much-missed preview shows and a love letter to Norway.


More assorted trivia is here, including Nul Points all-time country rankings, a straightforward medal table,  the very worst songs (as voted for by fans online),  a look back at voting systems used over the years and also the language rules.